Permanent Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Record Association
General Director of Vietnam Records Organization (Vietkings)
On the long journey of searching and honouring the Vietnamese top qualities, we, VIETKINGS, have nurtured a vision of a National Memory Championships, which has finally been organised in 2019.
Fifteen years since its foundation, a number of Vietnamese miracles have been discovered and honoured. However, in the field of Memory Sports, the search for geniuses has not been deployed properly. This is a potential and valuable field for the Vietnamese to confirm their place in the international intelligence playground. During the years since 2015, we have planned for a memory contest on a national scale.
2019 has finally marked the year when the Central Vietnam National Record Association - Vietnam Record Organization decided to officially announce the Vietnam National Memory Championships with muchappreciated sponsorship for all ten disciplines from Tam Tri Luc Training Center founded by World Memory Record Holder Mr. Nguyen Phung Phong. We strongly believe that the competition made possible is due to the harmony of “Opportunity - Geography - Human”.
Currently, contestants from other countries such as Germany, England, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. are holding world records of 18 disciplines such as Listen and Memorise random numbers, Speed numbers, Random numbers, Binary numbers,... in all four age groups. Hence, to encourage this year’s contestants,n apart from main prizes, we are happy to announce that whoever breaks the current world records in each group, will be officially admitted as World Record Holder, and receive a prize of 100 million VND for each discipline. Total prize can go up to one billion VND.
In our humble opinion, the competition and prizes will encourage and motivate outstanding individuals in all disciplines, excite contestants to train their brains to the standards of World Memory Championships. Those are the ones bring pride to Vietnam national on the world map of super memory.
This is also the first time we invited international arbiters and coaches to join. We hope that the media and journalists will contribute to the widespread of information of the competition to communities. This has huge effect on the success of the Game, and it would also help us find the true talents of Vietnam in the field of super memory.
Vietnam Memory Championship Record Holder
World Memory Championship record Holder
Head coach of the Vietnam Memory team
Honorary Degree of Doctorate In Records Breaking - University of University
Welcome to the first Vietnam National Memory Championships!
 The WORLD MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIPS is a contest with over 28 years of history, co-founded by the infamous English trainer Tony Buzan, and Raymond Keene. The Championships aim to honour contestants
all over the world with super memory through smart brain training methods, though this is still a fresh game to the Vietnamese.
From 2014 and 2015, I have set a journey to study and apply those interesting learning methods, and succeeded in setting Vietnam records, as well as World Records for myself.
In 2016, I officially attended the World Memory Championships in Singapore. Flashing back to that time, I was not familiar with the rules and techniques of the competition, with the scoring and preparation for what was coming. The more experiences I had with the Championships, the more I realised how clever and studious the Vietnamese could be, that we had what it took to win medals or even became the Champion of this intelligent competition.
Upon returning to Vietnam, I then started a concise plan to build a professional training class, at the same time attended arbiter training courses to become an International Arbiter. I also became an arbiter of international competition to familiarise myself with the scoring and organising systems. I could not achieve all these accomplishments without the continuous supports of the leaders of the Central Committee of Vietnam National Record Association and especially the Vietnam General Director, Mr. Le Tran Truong An. Their love and encouragement are the reasons I and my partners could build a team to attend international competitions, where they can experience and learn.
In 2017, Vietnam Record Organization decided to appoint me as the head coach of the Vietnam Memory Team to participate in the World Memory Championships in China and our team won the Team Medal at this event. In the same year, President Tony Buzan and co-founder Raymond Keene decided to appoint me as the president of World Memory Sports Council in Vietnam.
This year, 2019, Vietnam Record Organisation officially organises the first ever Vietnam National Memory Championships. The Organisation also decided to invite the current Memory Champion of the USA – Mr. John Graham – to become the Deputy Coach to train the Vietnam Memory Team. This is a big event to mark our footprints on the international memory playground.
With the desire for students all over the country to be able to train with those amazing learning methods, my partners and I have built an e-learning website for everyone to access and learn anytime, anywhere. At the same time, we provide free software SuperMe to help you train for the competition. This software models ten disciplines to help you to get used to the format of the competition in an interesting way. You can now download the game from App Store or Google Play Store. Let’s learn and practise consistently and happily to own a strong, creative and intelligent brain, and to become one of the 300 contestants at the first Vietnam National Memory Championships 2019 takes part on the 19th and 20th of October 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City.
What’s more, you have the opportunity to become one of the Vietnamese contestants to compete in the international memory competitions to bring values, prizes and pride to our country.
King regards!