Viet Nam Memory Championship 2019 - Introduction


The journey to OPTIMISE CAPACITY OF BRAINS AND BODY is to discover top players in the field of super memory in Vietnam, proceeding to set the Vietnam Record, being nominated to set World Records, and selecting contestants to compete in international memory competitions by the Vietnam National Record Association - Vietnam Record Organization since 2015. Over the years, we have sought and built many memory players employing forms and methods to improve brain and body capacity shared by memory record holders.
In 2019, Central Vietnam Record Association - Vietnam Record Organization assigned the Vietnam Record Institute (VIETMASTER) to cooperate with Tam Tri Luc Training Center in organising the first VIETNAM NATIONAL MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 in order to find true talents who have the ability, morality and the right mindset to attend international tournaments, create opportunities for them to bring glory to the country, to enrol Vietnam on the Map of Super Memory of the World.
  • Rules: The game established according to general rules of World Memory Championships, and is conducted under the information sponsorship of World Memory Sports Council with specific regulations for each activity.
  • Contestants are grouped into four categories accordingly to general rules of World Memory Championships.
1.      Kid: ≤ 12 years old
2.      Junior: 13 - 17 years old
3.      Adult: 18 - 59 years old
4.      Senior: ≥ 60 tuổi
  • Disciplines: (according to disciplines of VN Memory Championships):
No Event Time to commit to memory Time to recall
1 15 Minute Numbers 15 Minutes 30 Minutes
2 5 Minute Numbers 5 Minutes 15 Minutes
3 Spoken numbers (2 Trials: 100 and 300 Digits)
Spoken Numbers Trial One
Spoken Number Trial Two
100 Seconds
300 Seconds
5 Minutes
15 Minutes
4 5 Minute Binary 5 Minutes 15 Minutes
5 5 Minute Words 5 Minutes 15 Minutes
6 5 Minute Historic Dates 5 Minutes 15 Minutes
7 5 Minute Names and Faces 5 Minutes 10 Minutes
8 15 Minute Abstract Images 15 Minutes 30 Minutes
9 10 Minute Cards (As many packs as you like) 10 Minutes 20 Minutes
10 Speed Cards (2 Trials)
Speed Cards Trial One
Speed Cards Trial Two
5 Minutes
5 Minutes
5 Minutes
5 Minutes
  • Competition period:
Pre-qualification rounds:













Final round: 19-20/10/2019
  • Prize structure:
1.      Champion: 300 million
2.      1st runner-up: 200 million
3.      2nd runner-up: 100 million
The competition will find the Champion as "National Memory Champion - 2019", along with 1st runner-up, and 2nd runner-up prizes. Players with excellent memory in the competition will be able to attend the World Memory Championships hosted by China in Wuhan in December 2019. This is an opportunity for Vietnamese memory players to attempt and compete in the world arena.
Mr. Le Tran Truong An - Chairman of VIETKINGS said: “To encourage the players at this year's competition, in addition to the main awards, the players break the current World Record for 10 disciplines such as Listening and memorising random numbers (1 second); Quick numbers memorisation (5 minutes); Memorise random numbers (30 minutes); Memorise random numbers (60 minutes); Memorise binary numbers (5 minutes),... in each age group. The winners will be nominated by the Vietnam Record Organization to the World Record Alliance to establish a World Record, and Vietnam Record Organization decided to reward 100 million VND for each discipline, total prize value is up to 1 billion VND ”.
World Memory Record Holder Nguyen Phung Phong - Vice President of Vietnam Records Institute, Chairman of Tam Tri Luc, Head of the organising committee added: “With the desire to have more intelligent playgrounds and effective learning methods to help students across the country take better notes, and memorise their lessons right at class, which allows them to have plenty of time to rest and play, I and my colleagues have continuously made efforts to study, connect, devote at world memory competitions for years, leaving many good imprints with international friends. In 2017, President Tony Buzan decided to open a tournament in Vietnam and appoint me to be the Chairman of the World Memory Sports Council in Vietnam. To organise a world-class tournament, we must do a lot of preparation, and we are extremely happy that this year (2019), Vietnam National Record Association - Vietnam Record Organization for the first time has officially organized the VIETNAM NATIONAL MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIPS.
To prepare for the Vietnam championships, the organizing committee has sent an invitation to 10 international arbiters and experts for support such as Mr. Tony Buzan - Founder, Chairman of the World Memory Sports Council; Dominic O’Brien - World Memory Arbitration Council, the 8 times World Memory Champion; Mr. Phil Chambers - World Chief Arbitrator; Mr. Lester - Asian Chief Arbitrator.
In particular, Mr. JOHN GRAHAM - The reigning American Memory Champion in 2018 - has officially accepted our invitation to become the deputy head coach of the Vietnam Memory team. We hope with the much-appreciated assist of John, Vietnam will have remarkable results at the World Memory Championships 2019.
The successful organization of this tournament will help Vietnam become the 38th nation to hold the National Memory Championships, which is an important condition to register on the World Memory Map and reserve the right to host World Memory Championships in the following years.
World Memory Championships is a prestigious and influential international intellectual sports tournament that has been held every year since 1991. The tournament is organized by the World Memory Sports Council (WMSC), founded by British trainer Tony Buzan and co-founder Raymond Keene OBE to honor contestants with superior memory through brain training methods.
The 10 disciplines that make up the foundation of the first contest are unchanged and have been re-emulated worldwide as the foundation for memory competitions. Currently the contestants from more than 30 countries participate in this sport, wishing to become the World Memory Champion.