Matmatanang is the place where experts and professionals gather to share their knowledges, where real-life experiences can be accessed to create opportunities to those with the same passion in the same fields to achieve the accomplishments they deserve.
The German has a saying: “I have an apple, you have an apple, if we swap apple then each still has one apple. But if I have some knowledge, you have some knowledge, when we swap, we will have two sets of knowledge.”
With the spirit of learning, cooperating and helping others with similar achievements, we strongly believe that Vietnam will have more and more outstanding talents, many more Successful, Rich and Kind-hearted people, creating the prosperity of the country.



After this special course, your child will be a pious, honest, disciplined, confident, and independent human being. Some children are talented, but never receivethe right training methods to truly unlock their talents.
Some children are talented, but drown themselves inthe gaming world. Some children are talented, but do not know how to look after themselves, nor volunteerto help their parents. Some children are talented, buthave long lost the connections with their family; they no longer feel love results in being rebellious. What the future holds for these children if the situations persist?
At Outliers Camp, we have solutions to all these
  • Admission: Grade 1 - grade 12.
  • Course schedule: Every Friday night, 18:30 - 21:30
  • Hotline: 091 4442020
  • www.tamtriluc.com



The one and only Thomas Edison summarised his life with one formula: “Success = 1% Inspiration + 99% Hard work.” If you want your children to become outstanding people, geniuses, you must be their source of inspiration, although in reality, a lot of parents are discouraging their children. Their effort in over-protecting their children becomes the reason their children fail in life.To become a true Inspirer, parents will learn seven important formulas taught in 3 days and nights then apply these formulas in life for 28 days afterwards.
Proficient in these seven formulas, you will not only know how to guide your children effectively, but also know how to lead your personal and professional life in a fun and efficient way. 
  • Admission: Aged 22+
  • Course schedule: please call +84 (0) 91 444 2020
  • www.tamtriluc.com 


Some people are not HAPPY because they are not successful, but successful people are not always HAPPY. Some regret their actions when they lose their temper, and promise themselves not to make the same mistakes but then nothing changes. Some
people are always stressed results in bad health, and illnesses.
  • Be N.E.W is a program designed to help you solve life issues, to live a better and balanced life.
  • Admission: Aged 22+
  • Course schedule: Please call +84 (0) 91 444 2020
  • www.tamtriluc.com